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Garage Floor Epoxy Remodel

Epoxy is an excellent choice to use when it comes to flooring on your garage floors. It is long-lasting and durable, both properties we all want when it comes to our floors! Using epoxy will help you ensure that your garage floors will look amazing for years to come. It is able to be used over many surfaces as a sealer or below the surfaces as a bonder. It also can be used to completely revamp your garage floor with minimal work. People often think about how to use epoxy in relation to things like garage floors over concrete.

Garage Floor Epoxy Remodel |  D&D Door Service
Garage Floor Epoxy Remodel

Garage Floor with Epoxy Coatings

If you are tired of painting your garage floor, consider the application of epoxy paint to provide one of the best surface protectants available for this area of your garage floor. The epoxy resin will actually bond to the concrete garage floor as it cures. It makes epoxy a longer-lasting more durable finish. You will immediately feel better about this space through the ability to keep it clean without much effort.

Why Use Epoxy for Garage Floors?

The biggest advantage to an epoxy application on a garage floor is the liquid-repelling ability of the material. Cleaning up spills of motor fluids, water, and other liquids is as easy as wiping up the mess with shop towels or using a mop. A simple sweep and quick mopping are all it takes to keep it looking great.

Epoxy garage floor coating lets you hide any little flaws that are in the existing concrete surface. You can eliminate dust and make it a more comfortable space. You have the ability to add aggregates that provide a non-slip surface, which is extremely beneficial. You can change a drab-looking garage into a professional-looking space.

Scientific Breakdown of Epoxy for Garage Floors

Epoxy is both an adhesive and sealant. Scientifically, it is a thermosetting epoxide polymer. This means that once the epoxy has cured, or gone through the thermosetting process, there is no way to un-cure it. Epoxy is actually made by mixing together an epoxide and a hardening agent. These chemicals react together, creating stiffened molecules. It is these stiffened molecules that give epoxy the hardness it is known for. Epoxy is an effective adhesive because it seeps into items’ pores, linking them together. It makes an almost unbreakable bond with whatever surface it is placed on.

Benefits of Using Epoxy for Garage Floors

Epoxy has a ton of benefits. Since it dries so hard and has such great adhesive properties, it is a benefit to use. This is especially true if you want something that requires little maintenance but will still last a long time and maintain its aesthetic appeal. Some of the amazing benefits of epoxy are that it is or can be:

  • Seamless

  • Protective

  • Non-Slip

  • Shiny

  • Colorful

  • Custom

  • Unique

  • Low Viscosity

How Epoxy Floors for Garages Are Made

Preparation and planning are important when installing an epoxy floor for your garage. Complete cleaning and roughing up of the concrete surface are necessary in order for the epoxy to bond to the surface. Perform any needed repairs of cracks and pits in the concrete before adding the epoxy material.

The epoxy resin material can have any desired color pigment or aggregate added before pouring on the surface. Once the epoxy is spread evenly gravity will help finish the job. The surface will become level as it cures.

Garage Floor Epoxy Options

Epoxy Color

The epoxy coating allows you to choose from many color options. Color options are virtually limitless. The color pigment is added to the epoxy. You can also choose specific colored flakes, metallic flakes, or create a metal powder sheen.

Epoxy Finishes

You can add an aggregate like quartz that will settle and create a rougher surface for improved grip. You can also opt to leave the surface with a highly-polished glow that makes it appear like a showroom floor, or have any other finish that your heart desires.

Epoxy Edges

The edges for your garage epoxy floor will depend largely on whether you have finished walls and baseboards. You can leave it without baseboard protection and simply add a line of caulk to keep the edge protected from moisture.

Epoxy Inlays

The fun part of epoxy flooring is the ability to inlay images, logos, or other designs beneath a clear coat of material. Inlay the logo of your business or your favorite sports team, souvenirs from your favorite places to travel, or any other items to make your garage floor unique.

Maintaining a Garage Epoxy Floor

Maintenance and care of an epoxy garage floor are more about what you shouldn’t do to or around the surface. Welding can cause burn marks and eat through the surface of the epoxy. Bringing your car inside with hot tires can also inadvertently cause damage. It can sear through epoxy, depending on the quality of the product.

Cleaning any spills right away will help keep the surface pristine and clean. Plan to add a coat of polyurethane if it will be exposed to sunlight frequently. Only move heavy equipment across the floor if it is on wheels; otherwise, carry heavy objects to avoid scratches.

Garage Floor Epoxy FAQs

Is the surface of an epoxy garage floor strong enough for a vehicle?

Epoxy resin coating is extremely tough and will tolerate vehicle movement and storage easily. Bringing a vehicle into the garage every night will not mess up the surface.

Will motor oil and gas hurt the epoxy surface?

Epoxy resin surfaces are impervious to most chemicals. However, be sure to clean spills up quickly.

How long will an epoxy garage floor last?

Epoxy resin coating will last for 25 years or more, depending on the amount of use. It will be the most maintenance-free garage surface you’ve ever had.


There is no better place to be yourself than in your own home or commercial space. It is about how to show your creativity and who you are, either as an individual or a company. Being able to take your flooring up a notch and never settling for boring speaks volumes about your personality.

D&D Garage Door Services

D&D provides inspection services to identify any problems or issues your garage door may be having. In the event you need garage door repair, you can count on us! We can expertly repair the springs or replace parts that may be at the end of their lifespan. 

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