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Garage Door Technician

D&D Door Service specializes in the service and installation of residential garage doors and openers in FrederickWashington, Carroll & Upper Montgomery County. 

We are always seeking experienced garage door installers in the local areas. 

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What we are looking for.

Can you maintain the highest standards of customer service? We're looking for a self-starter, someone who's responsible, hardworking, ability to think critically and be able to troubleshoot.


  • The Importance of Safety

  • Industry Terminology

  • Methods of Operation

  • Inventory Management

  • Have excellent mechanical skills

  • Maintain a professional appearance

  • Capable of lifting 75 lbs

Technical Requirements

  • Understanding Codes and Standards

  • Residential Sectional Door Construction

  • Residential Sectional Door Components

  • Installation of Residential Operators

  • Residential Door Service and Repair


D&D Door Service is always looking for garage door technicians/installers in the local areas.

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