Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair
for Frederick, MD

If your garage door springs are broken, your garage door could have trouble opening and closing. We take great care in making sure that the right springs are replaced and installed properly on your garage door.

D&D Door Service is a licensed garage door contractor for residential garage door repairs, installation, and service.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Frederick, MD

Most garage doors are installed with two springs at the same time. If one of your garage door’s torsion springs breaks, it’s likely that the other is nearing the end of its lifespan as well. After evaluating your garage door, if it is determined that a broken spring is the problem, our technicians will usually recommend replacing both springs.

A safety inspection is always conducted to ensure the right springs were used. After installation, our technicians will check all the hardware and moving parts of your door are in proper working order.

Garage Door Issues

A garage door is basically a moving wall. It is the largest moving object in your home and one of the objects with the greatest potential to injure a family member or damage your property. Obviously, an improperly installed, badly worn, or broken garage door system exerts tremendous force when the door closes. Don’t let an unnecessary accident happen to your family, friends, or pets. 


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