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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers
for Frederick, MD

At our company, we offer smart garage door openers and other great services to help you make the most of your garage door system. We're experts in installation for Liftmaster and Craftsman products.

There are different types of drive systems for garage doors, which we can repair regardless. Chain-drive door openers tend to be noisy compared to other kinds but belt drives usually have the best performance rating, and durability and operate without making much noise - making them a good choice for any house.

D&D Door Service is a licensed garage door contractor for residential garage door repairs, installation, and service.

Benefits of a Garage Door Opener

Frederick, MD

Homeowners in the Frederick, MD area find many benefits to hiring us to install garage door openers, such as saving time after a long day of work.


For some demographics, operating a garage door manually can be difficult or impractical. This may include people with physical limitations or children who want to play in the garage without adult supervision. Additionally, using your garage door opener provides more convenience and safety than not having one at all.


We have a range of garage door openers with varying levels of power to accommodate different weights and sizes of doors. Basic, standard features are included with each opener for extra safety, efficiency, and power.

Garage Door Remotes
Frederick, MD

You'll be happy to know that a remote lock is simple to install and doesn't require you to get out of your car in the summer heat or winter cold. We don't just focus on the physical characteristics of your garage door. We can also help you with your garage door opener remote controls. We make sure you get a good model for your unique garage door and that it's set up correctly. It ensures that the garage door and opener combination work properly.​


D&D Door Service in Frederick, MD offers high-quality garage door remote options to meet your needs!

Garage Door Remote.jpg

Resources + Expert Guidance + Customer Support

​The professionals at D&D Door Service, in Frederick, MD, schedule a service appointment with the customer in mind. Our technician will arrive in a fully stocked - uniformed truck. This guarantees that at every appointment the necessary tools are readily available so your time isn't wasted waiting for parts, or arranging additional service appointments.


​We service all of Frederick, Maryland and surrounding areas.


For more information or to schedule a service visit, give us a call!

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