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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance
for Frederick, MD

If you're like most people in Frederick, MD, your garage is an important component of your house. Not only does it provide valuable storage space, but it also protects your automobile from the weather. That's why it's critical to keep your garage door functioning properly. We offer expert garage door maintenance and inspections to both old and new customers to assist you in keeping yours operating well.

D&D Door Service is a licensed garage door contractor for residential garage door repairs, installation, and service.

Residential Garage Door
Replacement Parts

Frederick, MD

To prevent huge damage, which might necessitate a pricey repair, keep up with your garage door. There are numerous moving components in a garage door system. If one small component of the system fails, the entire structure is at risk of damage.​


At D&D Door Service, we specialize in providing garage replacement parts and routine maintenance. We understand that your garage is a crucial part of your home, so if necessary, we also provide repair services and garage door opener installs! Trust us to keep your garage running smoothly - call us today!

Garage Door Spring Replacement
Frederick, MD

Your garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and if they break, it could result in some serious injuries. Many people think that replacing them is easy, but it's actually quite dangerous to work with these types of springs. If you don't have the experience or training to replace your springs properly, then you should hire a professional who does.

We offer garage door spring replacement services in Frederick, MD to guarantee that your garage doors function properly.

Garage Door Maintenance

D&D Garage Door Service

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