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Garage Door Repair in Frederick

Having a garage door that works effectively is critical to having a successful day. A broken spring is one of the most typical garage door repairs in Frederick. Because they operate on torsion springs, most doors can be raised and lowered thanks to the tension put on them by torsion springs. The strain placed on these springs increases with time, and they may eventually break. A new spring would have to be installed in order for the door to work again. Spring repairs are notoriously dangerous, so please let the experts at D&D Door Service handle it. Not only is it in your best interest safety-wise, but you'll also save money in the long run.


Professional garage door contractor D&D Door Service specializes in full-service garage door installation, repair, and maintenance in Frederick. We specialize in complete garage door contracting, including garage door replacement and repair. For homes in Maryland, we provide cutting-edge garage door solutions. We maintain a presence in Frederick by servicing the surrounding areas faithfully. Garage doors are an inexpensive way to improve the exterior appeal of your property.


Ask our experts at Frederick Garage Door Contractor how we repair your garage door.

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New Garage Door Install Frederick

A new garage door can not only change the appearance of your home but also improve its energy efficiency by regulating the temperature in the garage depending on the season.

You might be tempted to use a DIY garage door repair kit from a big-box home improvement store, but resist the urge. Garage door installation and maintenance is complex and sometimes dangerous, best left to the professionals.


Broken Garage Door Springs Frederick

Overhead doors for garages are designed to be sturdy against moderate to severe weather conditions, like wind, rain, hail, and ice. They can also take hits from kids or pets playing nearby without being damaged.

A garage door repair in Frederick is quite often due to a broken spring. The springs take on the responsibility of holding the weight of the door as it goes up and down movement along the tracks. With time, the natural expansion and contraction of metal lucking combined with rust can cause breakage in springs.


Garage Door Company Frederick

One of the most popular access points for your garage door is its main entryway. Because your family and property are secure thanks to your garage door, shouldn't it always be in excellent working order? We have you covered whether you need routine door maintenance, emergency repairs, or new doors installed.

We come with the proper equipment and spare parts to repair almost every garage door problem in just one visit to your home or business. You can depend on us to do any spring, panel, or window replacement, as well as a new door or opener installation, correctly the first time if you need it.

Garage Doors in Frederick

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Garage Door Services in Frederick

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Proudly serving the Washington County, Carroll County, Upper Montgomery County, and Frederick County, MD areas.

If you’d like to learn more about our products and services, get in touch with the team at our garage door company today! Speak with one of our friendly representatives to schedule a day and time to quote you for your residential garage door.

We not only install and repair garage doors, but can install garage door opener. With the help of D&D Door Service, clients receive the most advanced garage doors at the most competitive prices. From premium garage door opener installations to the most common repairs, we are here for you. 


For residential garage doors in, get in touch with us. Fill out our contract form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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